Season of Migration to the North (Mawsim al-Hiǧra ilā ash-Shamāl) by Tayyib Saleh

On April 3rd 2006 Kutub met to discuss Season of Mirgration of the North (Mawsim al-Hiǧra ilā ash-Shamāl), a classic post-colonial novel by the Sudanese writer Tayyib Saleh (sometimes written as Tayeb Saleh or Al-Tayyib Salih).  The author passed away in 2009.

Confronting displacement and post-colonial aftermath, this book (originally published in Arabic in 1966) is a modern Arabic classic and a vivid portrayal of racial and sexual tension. A fascinating read that’s strong character belies its slim spine, Season of Mirgration explores anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism, self-destruction, cultural exoticism, and manipulations of power.

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