Palace Walk (Bayn al-qasrayn) by Naguib Mahfouz

In October 2006, Kutub discussed the epic The Palace Walk (Bayn al-qasrayn) by the Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz.

The Palace Walk (note the original Arabic title literally translates to Between the Two Palaces) is the first of a trilogy titled The Cairo Trilogy (written 1956-1957), which goes on to include Palace of Desire and Sugar Street. Through the story of an Egyptian family from the WWI to the independence of Egypt, it explores traditions in a changing world. It is a superb book and an essential read for anyone curious about Egyptian history or Arab culture.

Works by Nagib Mahfouz include:

Old Egypt Whisper of Madness Mockery of the Fates Rhadopis of Nubia The Struggle of Tyba Modern Cairo Khan al-Khalili Midaq Alley The Mirage The Beginning and The End Cairo Trilogy Palace Walk Palace of Desire Sugar Street Children of Gebelawi The Thief and the Dogs Quail and Autumn God’s World Zaabalawi The Search The Beggar Adrift on the Nile Miramar The Pub of the Black Cat Chitchat on the nile A story without a beginning or an ending The Honeymoon Mirrors Love under the rain The Crime al-Karnak Respected Sir The Harafish Love above the Pyramid Plateau The Devil Preaches Love and the Veil Arabian Nights and Days Wedding Song One hour remains The Journey of Ibn Fattouma Akhenaten, Dweller in Truth The Day the Leader was Killed Fountain and Tomb Dreams of the Rehabilitation Period The Seventh Heaven

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