The Inheritance (Al Mirath) by Sahar Khalifeh

On July 2nd 2007 we discussed The Inheritance (Al Mirath) by Sahar Khalifeh.

A powerful and richly layered story, The Inheritance probes through social and cultural complexities, from the hopes and ambitions revived by Oslo, the quest for identity, and the role of Palestinian women in shaping their social and political lives. This book presents a broad picture of Arab Palestinian society following the 1967 war, where the individual and the family were to some extent defeated, resulting in a defeated society. Given this context the inheritance the characters fight of over or are ceded is rather symbolic: from land under the shadow of growing settlements, to half forgotten stories of an estranged father, to a sewage company that, given the lack of water resources allotted to the Palestinian territories, is doomed to failure.

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