The Rock of Tanios (Le rocher de tanios) by Amin Maalouf.

On February 4th we met to discuss The Rock of Tanios (Le rocher de tanios) by Amin Maalouf.

In this storytelling-based novel, Maalouf creates a protagonist who is an endearing mixture of precocious maturity and naivete, of remorse and resolve – and draws us in for a leisurely tale full of intrigue, twists of fate and seedy imperialist jockeying by the French, English, Turks and Egyptians. Tanios was a child of the mountains of Lebanon in the 1880’s when the Egyptians Pashas were struggling against Ottoman domination and the British & French plotted with and against each other. The novel begins with a recollection of the rock on which Tanios was last seen sitting and weaves together the strands of the fascinating legend of his disappearance.

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