Kaleem Books

We are excited to announce the launch of Kaleem Books – www.kaleembooks.com a new Arabic Literature Publishing house that is looking to transform the Arabic publishing world.

Kaleem Books has published its first book: Tunisian Tale (Hikaya Tunisiyya) by Hassouna Al Mosbahi. Renowned Tunisian author Hassouna Al Mosbahi, uses this sordid story to transport us to “M” slum, festering with poor immigrants who have come from the Tunisian heartland to the metropolis, looking for a better life. Currently only printed in Arabic – copies available at the gallery.

Interested in joining the Kaleem team? They are hiring!
Go to http://www.kaleembooks.com to find out more.

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The Stone of Laughter (Hajar al-dahik) by Huda Barakat

On April 7th we gathered to discuss The Stone of Laughter (Hajar al-dahik) by Huda Barakat. A bold novel full of black humor and cynical observations about life in war-torn Beirut, The Stone of Laughter explores the contradictory history of a city under fire through the life and dilemmas of a male narrator at the margins of Lebanese society. With a personal, poetic language and an honest look at contemporary society, this book is a very compelling read. It was the recipient of the prestigious Al-Naqid Literary Prize in 1990.

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