Winter 2008 Book Suggestions

More books we hope to read soon include:

  • The New Year of the Revolutionary Bread Making Machine by Hassan Daoud
  • Woman at Point Zero (Imra’a ‘ind Nuqtat al-Sifr) Nawal As Sadaawi
  • The Last Chapter by Leila Abouzeid
  • Aunt Saffiya & the Monastery ( خالتي صفية والدير ) by Bahaa Tahe
  • The Secret Life of Saaed the Pessoptomist by Emile Habiby
  • Black Magic by Hamdy el-Ghazzar
  • Leaves of Narcissus (Awraq Al-Narjis) by Somaya Ramadan
  • The Map of Love by Ahdaf Souei
  • Hikayat: Short Stories by Lebanese Women, Edited by Roseanne Saad Khalaf

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