Authors at Abu Dhabi Book Fair – 2010

We’re looking forward to the 2010 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair from March 2 – 7th. It will include authors’ talks, publishing industry panel discussions and of course lots of books for sale from around the Arab world and international booksellers. Here’s an update of the authors that are coming…Authors that we’re looking forward to at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair include:

  • Abdelkader Benali, Morocco/Netherlands
  • Ahlam Mosteghanemi, Algeria
  • Alawiyya Sobh, Lebanon
  • Alia Yunis, Arab-American
  • Amara Lakhous, Algeria
  • Anouar Benmalek, Algeria
  • Gilbert Sinoué, Egypt
  • Hamdy El-Gazzar, Egypt
  • Laila al-Othman, Kuwait
  • Ramsey Nasr, Dutch-Palestinian
  • Sinan Antoon, Iraq

Authors shortlisted for the 2010 Emirates Foundation International Prize for Arabic Fiction include:

  • Abdo Khal, Saudi Arabia
  • Jamal Naji, Jordanian-Palestinian
  • Mansoura Ez Eldin, Egyptian
  • Muhammad Al-Mansi Qindeel, Egyptian
  • Raba’i Madhoun, Palestine
  • Rabee Jabir, Lebanon

Go here: 2010 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair for more general information about the fair.

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