Summer Reading Challenge!

Instead of a traditional Summer Reading list, we encouraged Kutub readers to enter an Arabic Literature Summer Reading Challenge!

The wonderful blog – ArabLit.WordPress.Com – brought together a few critics, professors, booksellers, writers and translators to suggest which five books they would recommend one must read “before you die.”  A reading-challenge winner was selected in August and sent a bundle of Arabic fiction new to English in 2010.

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Sitt Marie Rose (الست ماري روز) by Etel Adnan

On Monday, June 7th we discussed Sitt Marie Rose (الست ماري روز) by Etel Adnan.

Sitt Marie Rose is set before and during the 1975-1990 Lebanese Civil War. It was published first in French (1977) and translated into Arabic immediately after. It is based on the life of Marie Rose Boulos who was executed by a Christian militia during the conflict. The novel itself acts as a critique of various aspects of Lebanese culture, including critiques of xenophobia as well as the role of women. Sitt Marie Rose won the Amitié Franco-Arab Prize (an award given by the Association de Solidarité Franco-Arabe) in 1977.

Etel Adnan recently spoke at the Beirut Art Center on May 5th Continue reading