The Arab Spring – Words without Borders

As we stand with all those in struggle in Syria, Libya and the region, Kutub highly recommends all readers check out Words Without Borders’ series on The Arab Spring.

The Words Without Borders series documents the Arab Spring with literature from the countries of the uprisings. Following the sequence of events, they begin in North Africa with writing from Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, and Tunisia – and continue into Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen.   Continue reading

Year of the Elephant (‘Am al-fil) by Leila Abouzeid

We recommend our readers consider reading Year of the Elephant (‘Am al-fil) by Leila Abouzeid — which was the first work by a Moroccan woman to be translated into English (by Barbara Parmenter in 1989, three years after it was written).  The book’s full title – Year of the Elephant: A Moroccan Woman’s Journey Toward Independence, and Other Short Stories – sets the stage for readers to discover a novella and eight short stories which serve as an eloquent representation of life in the wake of Morocco’s successful struggle for independence from French occupation.  Continue reading